Welcome to Blue Water Online Learning

Blue Water Online Learning is about making your learning as effective as possible.

Our experience shows that exposing ourselves to a mix of methods of receiving knowledge helps us absorb it.  It is likely that you have arrived here as part of a development programme that has face to face meetings at its core.  Here, in our online environment, you will be invited to watch films, listen to audio, interact with questionnaires and read information – each a different way of helping you learn.  We human beings vary in the way we absorb information, so that what is good for you may not work for someone else.  That's why we are offering you this mix, on the basis that the variety will help retain your attention and, amongst the methods we offer, some will work particularly well for you.

Ultimately our aim is to help you become a better manager and leader, to get the best from others and, in so doing, achieve fulfilment and success for yourself.